Episode 1 : Creative Balance : June 6th, 2022

Hello everyone! Join me in my FIRST episode ever of Creative Balance. I talk about what Creative Balance is, what it's about, and just where I got my start to being a designer! If you like to read my blog which contains more info about this podcast you can get the blog here! We are currently on Iheart so please like, subscribe, and share with all you know! You can subscribe and follow us HERE!

Episode 2 : Procreate & Procreate Academy : June 14th, 2022

Join me as I talk about Procreate, the most talked about design app in the last few years. During this podcast I discuss the pros and con of using Procreate, just what it could do for you as an extra income, and news about my upcoming Procreate Academy course. If you would love to read the blog pertaining to this podcast be sure to read it here. If you want to sign up for the Procreate Academy waitlist and be one of the first ones to know its open you can sign up for our waitlist HERE!

Episode 3: Digital Memberships & Coop Crew: June 21st, 2022

Join me as I do my FIRST LIVE podcast on my Facebook page! In this podcast I discuss digital memberships, their benefits, why you need them as a designer, why you should join them as a small business/creator, and I also discuss my membership and the benefits!

Episode 4: Love Yourself First: June 28th, 2022

Listen in as I discuss self care, self health, self love and just how I suffer from a poor act of self care, how I plan on bettering my situation, and just how you as a small business owner can take care of yourself first!

Episode 5: Crossroads: Goals, Future Plans, Designer Resources! July 12th, 2022

Listen in as I discuss the crossroads I am at in my business. I go over my goals, future plans, and discuss resources and platforms other digital designers can use to grow their income and their businesses!