One of my goals for 2022 was to start a podcast for myself and my followers. I wanted a podcast that reflected my lifestyle, situations that I go through being a stay at home mom while juggling a small business and family, and what I went through in my career path to where I am today. I wanted a platform where I could just be myself and discuss my situations as I went through them like I was talking to friends/family. I want to be able to help someone else that could be struggling the same way I did for a very long time. Hence the Creative Balance podcast was created!

How It All Began!

From the beginning when I was really young I just loved to draw. If I wasn't outside I was always drawing or taking a notepad with me. I was inspired at a very young age by my love of cartoons, lisa frank (which will later discuss my obsession with stationary and stickers) and most importantly watching my dad. During his free time he tried to do freelance work on the side painting canvases and handsaws. I use to love sitting by his side and watched as his imagination took hold and created something truly amazing. My dad was a self taught artist just like myself. Even though I benefited from watching my father I too, taught myself the techniques and skills that I have today. But to your suprise I have only been a designer/artist for about 10 years.

Being an Artist is hard.

Growing up I saw how really hard it was for my dad as a freelance painter and artist to make ends meet. He didn't really have the knowledge on how to grow as everything he had built was just from his own personal experience and knowledge. He was also the sole provider for our family so he didn't really have the option to just quit his job and become a full time artist. Doing craft shows and fairs became too daunting and sometimes would not be enough to even cover the costs of even attending the events. As I grew up I just had this perspective that it would be very hard to be a self taught artist and be able to make ends meet. I was always told that it would be a rough career to have but this was back many years ago when digital art was just not a thing, social media wasn't what it is today, and our technology was just not as advanced.

The Passion is Still There!

As I grew older the passion for art and being an artist didn't really fade. It was always in the back of my mind and I still kept using those skills that I loved so much. I took every opportunity to paint or draw something in my spare time. During the course of becoming a mother, becoming a wife, I had this career path that I chose that I absolutely hated. I invested so much time and money into a career in the medical field all while working a full time factory job for 10 years. As a way to make extra money and choosing to start doing something I actually loved doing, I began painting farmhouse signs and trying to start a small business on the side.

Discovering Who I Am!

While doing so I discovered the digital art world. I realized that creating the designs for the sign making was what I really loved doing. It was more cost effecitive and was less time consuming. This is where "rustic designs by megan" (my first design brand) was born. I began creating digital files and soon began opening digital shops with different platforms. After designing for about 2 years I began changing my style and trying to figure out exactly who I was as an artist. I knew that farmhouse was not completely who I was. I set out on a small journey to rebrand, to find my colors, to find my niche, and to find my audience. After so much trial and error I finally found Tinker & Teal. I found my branding that just felt right. As a growing artist I still continue to grow and evolve from where I was. This was my sole intention and purpose for creating Creative Balance.

Create Balance is Born!

Creative Balance is part of this new founding way of me discussing how I came to be where I am today. I wanted to recap all my mistakes, all my wins, losses, things that I have learned, and things that I have taught myself to be better at. In general this podcast will help those who are on their way wherever they may be in their lifes journey. That it's not too late to start with a family, or if you have another career path already. It's also my way to share with my audience just who I am as a person, a mom, a wife, and an artist. So come join me and give an ear to my brand new podcast that will be starting very soon! JOIN BELOW!